Ockley Green Supporters Meetings

Agenda for upcoming meetings

February 1st, 2023: Coming soon

Note: Principal Rierson is scheduled to be sharing updates and taking questions during the following meetings: November 2nd,
January 4th, March 19th, and May 2nd.

Minutes from previous meetings

January 4, 2023: LINK

December 7, 2022: LINK

November 2, 2022: LINK

October 2022 Meeting: LINK

May 2022 Meeting: LINK

April 2022 Meeting: LINK

March 2022 Meeting: LINK

February 2022 Meeting: LINK

January 2022 Meeting: LINK

December 2021 Meeting: LINK

November 2020 Meeting: LINK

October 2021 Meeting: LINK

September 2021 Meeting: LINK

May 2021 Meeting: LINK

Additional Information

School Websites

OGMS Homepage: LINK
School Newsletter: (coming soon)

School Calendar

PPS 2022-23 School Calendar: LINK


PPS Transportation Info: LINK
Routes Serving OGMS:

Safe Routes to School map: LINK
Request to join nearby bus route, for students living < 1.5 miles from school: LINK

Nutrition Services

Lunch & breakfast menus: LINK
Breakfast and lunch are
available to ALL students at NO CHARGE at OGMS: LINK


PPS COVID-19 Dashboard: LINK

Enrolling in the OHSU screening program: LINK

SUN After-School Program

SUN Application: LINK

SUN Class Registration: LINK

Low Cost Internet Access for Qualifying Families

PPS Information page: LINK

Fun Facts

Why was our school named Ockley Green? It's a mystery! read more here