Why are we raising money?

To achieve our mission, Ockley Green Supporters relies on volunteers, fundraising campaigns, and both in-kind and direct donations. Throughout the year, opportunities will arise to contribute to specific causes, but we also rely heavily on our general fund to finance much of what we do, including: 

Providing a flexible source of funding to supplement the cost of classroom learning materials, direct services to students, and services that are not available through school administration or the district 

Providing gifts on days of national recognition, meals on days were staff are at school from morning through evening, and general staff room support

Contributing to the funding of school dances and other student led (and staff supported) initiatives

Assisting with funding school events and field trips, in coordination with school administration

To make a tax deductible direct contribution to Ockley Green Supporters, click the Donate button below.

Link Your Fred Meyer Rewards Card

Every time you shop at Fred Meyer and use your rewards card, Ockley Green Supporters will automatically get a contribution from Fred Meyer. (You'll still earn all the same rewards points and rebates. The contribution to OG Supporters is just an added bonus!)

In September 2023 we received a check from Fred Meyer for $192, thanks to supporters like you! To help us maintain--or even increase--that contribution during the current earnings quarter, please link your Rewards card to OG Supporters!

Currently, 52 households have linked their rewards cards to OG Supporters. 

Corporate Matching Programs

Many businesses in our area, including Wells Fargo, Nike, Intel, and US Bank, support non-profits through employee giving campaigns and matching programs. Please consider checking to see if your employer has a matching program. It's an easy way to multiply your support, while making a tax deductible contribution in support of Ockley Green students and staff!  

Monthly Donation

If making monthly contributions to OG Supporters fits within your budget and is something you'd like to do, that's amazing! To set that up, please click the Donate button below.